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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do "beauty" contests (Mr.America,Miss America etc) serve any purpose in society?

Miss America and her husband

No no no!!!!!!!!! Beauty contest are critical to society. They are pointless. Especially the beauty contest for the little girls. OMG have you seen how much work these young girls have to do to be pretty every second of the day?

Yes don't get me wrong all of the children are beautiful, but do they actually get the chance to be a child? They have to make sure they are always kept up. These young girls have on more make-up than most normal adults do everyday. Mother's go out and spend a ton of money for their child to win beauty contest, but if they don't win these young girls are mentally scarred from thinking they are not pretty enough to be in society.

All of the women running up for miss america. If we would take more time into education and job force in the world  like we take beauty contest the world would be a better place.

No beauty contest don't serve a purpose. Everyone is beautiful in his or hers own way. Who needs to be judge from the world about your beauty. Only one person is really the judge and that is our creature!

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